Elegant Abstract Background


Communications Analysis Systems and Service (CASS) is a national network of over 40 local employees and 200 national business partners dedicated to the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of automated voice, data and image systems for medium to large businesses utilizing multi-media, state-of-the-art technologies.


In 1978, the founders combined over 25 years of AT&T experience with Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) technology to automate the second largest bank in the nation. Saving the bank thousands of staff dollars, our unique business automation analysis, installation and maintenance service quickly became a standalone success in 1985.

Today, featuring Lucent, Fujitsu, Octel, Avaya and Novell products, we continue to provide innovative and cost effective PBX, ACD, LAN, image and voice process­ing systems designed to save staff dollars in all vertical business markets.


Our installed systems include lSDN features such as Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Computer Telephony Interface (CTl) and video / image transmission via Primary Rate Interface (PRI) T1/Basic Rate Interface (BRI) technology. Moreover, our total solution service voice processing designs include FAX applications and Graphical User Interface (GUl) integration with E mail.


We are especially excited about the application prospects of Avaya’s new work force automation  technology. This product incorporates voice response and recognition technology with on line host or LAN access and can translate into staff saving of over 60%. This product will revolutionize any phone representative function in any major business market. In addition, through its easy to use GUl, it can quickly propel any company onto the information super highway of the World Wide Web.


Multi-Media is the combination of Internet Protocol (IP) voice, data and image on a single platform to improve information transmission in the 21st century.  Our mission is to integrate industry standard, platform oriented systems into your business application. Our systems offer unparalleled warranty periods of up to 3 years. This serves to reinforce our commitment to your business in terms of providing cost effective yet quality equipment and service.


More than a phone system, voice mail or LAN, we offer a complete solution to your automation opportunity. From "plain old telephone service" to multi-media IP voice-data-image systems, our satisfied customers will testify to our design, implementation and service ability during our 17 year history.


I think you’ll agree that our maintenance pricing is very aggressive, and our background is diverse. We are more than a hardware maintenance company.  We can further automate your office and improve the functionality of your existing platform.